Communications Requests

If an event aligns with the mission and vision of The Chapel of the Cross, it may be eligible for publication in our various outlets including our weekly emails, brochures, Community Dashboard, and social media channels.

Submit a request for publication using the form below.  From there Communications Manager Jeff Crawford will work with you to decide the most appropriate channels for publication.  To be included in the weekly emails and brochures, a short description is required, and in the case of email we will provide links to a larger description, whether that be on our Community Dashboard or on another site.

Submissions are due a week before publication, and if graphics or materials are required, information is due at least a month in advance.  All submissions are subject to staff approval and may be edited for length and content.  For an announcement in our Monday email, a 2-week run of the event can be expected.

Contact our Communications Manager at with any questions.

Event Planning

All approved events must be scheduled with the church well in advance. Contact Parish Life and Worship Coordinator, Ellen Cole, as soon as you begin planning, for room reservations and to check the calendar.

Church staff reserves the right to move groups or schedule a group in an alternate location

Set up and clean up are the responsibility of the sponsoring group. Please be sure to leave the room/area just as you found it. Some events may require that we contract additional cleaning with our cleaning service, and you should consider these charges when planning your event.

Communicating your event is critical to its success. Please note the strict deadlines on the following page. Copy and photos concerning the event should be sent to the Communications Manager, Jeff Crawford.

Parking is a challenge, so please plan for this and communicate as needed with participants. If it is a large event, please check the UNC university and sporting event schedules.

Event Planning Checklist – It is the responsibility of the event planner to plan well in advance.

Use the event request form below to organize your event. In it, you will find checklists for a variety of resources within the parish. Please understand that we will do our best to help you with your event, but we cannot guarantee that all resources will be available for all events.

Please put all of your information and request for resources in an email addressed to Ellen Cole, she will distribute it to the staff members responsible for each area, and contact you with any questions. Or, you can always schedule a meeting with Ellen to discuss your event.

It is your responsibility to recruit and communicate with volunteers.

Consider a survey to measure success.

Record memories and suggestions for success immediately after the event so that we can share them with the Parish! (and so you can remember for your next event!)

Promotions: Request for custom graphics must be received a month prior to the event. Please discuss timing for email announcements with the Communications Director (