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Children’s Formation

Children’s Formation in the Time of Covid-19

Children’s Chapel is meeting in person at 9:00 AM (10 a.m. during the summer), with singing, lessons and prayers. Videos and reflections to encourage faith-at-home are at www.cotcchildandfam.org.

For more information about in-person and virtual programs, scroll down or contact Director of Christian Formation, Boykin Bell.

Children’s Chapel

Children’s Chapel is a Sunday morning service that provides a liturgical experience for young children. The service includes music, stories, prayer, and the teaching of familiar responses heard in “Big Church.”

Intergenerational Children’s Chapel services are held at 9:00 AM (10:00 AM during the summer months). Adults are welcome to worship with us or sign children in with a member of our Sunday morning childcare staff. We are following the protocols of the larger parish; masks are optional. We encourage mask-wearing for those who are not yet vaccinated and for those who feel more comfortable continuing the practice. Parents and guardians who leave children in our care during Children’s Chapel are invited to pick those young ones up to join the church congregation for Holy Communion.


When the world changed in 2020, we started posting faith-at-home videos and virtual Children’s Chapel services to cotcchildandfam.org. More than 400 videos are archived there, with the “Top Ten” easy to find on the Home page. We continue to update the site.

Vacation Church Camp

Vacation Church Camp returned in person in June 2022 to help children learn about “The Gifts of Creation.”

Our 2020 summer camp curriculum, From the Mountains to the Sea, can be used at home any time! It includes bible stories, prayers and suggestions for outdoor activities, art, science and cooking projects. Local hikes along the Mountains-to-the-Sea Trail for each of the five sessions are suggested.

Our Lenten Hikes

During Lent, we wondered at God’s creation on five Sunday afternoons.

Hikers contemplate God’s Creation and enjoy conversation.

Christmas Pageant

The 2022 Christmas pageant (Friday, December 23 at 3:00 PM) will again be held at the outdoor UNC Forest Theatre (just a few blocks from the church).  Our middle and high school Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) will tell the story of Christ’s birth with the help of little animals, angels, shepherds, and kings.

In 2021 even the camel wore a mask!

Church School

We returned to indoor learning in the fall of 2022, with classes for two-year-olds through middle school taught by teams of adult parishioners from 10:20 to 11:05 AM on most Sundays during the school year. If you are interested in the teaching ministry, contact Boykin Bell at bbell@thechapelofthecross.org or 919-422-2565.

To register for children’s programs (for ages 2 – 5th grade), please scroll down and complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Youth Saints

Children 10 and older are eligible to serve as assistants in the Children’s Chapel service. Please fill out the Youth Saints application.

Intergenerational Events

These events occur throughout the year and provide education and fellowship for all ages. Some of the most popular “intergenerationals” are the Advent Wreath making event held the first Sunday of the Advent season, the MLK Day of Service and the Blessing of the Halloween Costumes.

Serving the Church

Children and youth can serve the church in many ways, including singing in the choir, volunteering as a youth lector or acolyte, joining a group of Christmas carolers visiting the homebound, assisting in Children’s Chapel as a Youth Saint, or helping at the ABC Sale.

Church School Registration Form

If you have questions about our Children and Families Ministry, contact Director of Christian Formation Boykin Bell.

Church School Registration

Child’s Information


Parent/Guardian Information:

Parent / Guardian Information


Parent / Guardian Information

Parents’ skills are needed to make the program work. Please check at least one of the following ways in which you will help. *

Church School Discipline Policy

All children should feel welcomed and safe in our church school classrooms. The members of each class will together write a behavior policy which will be signed by the children and teachers. The policies will include these basic principles:

  • All children and teachers will be respected. There will be no bullying.
  • The church buildings, classrooms and supplies will be treated with care.
  • If a child disrupts his or her class, the teacher will speak to the child on the day the disruption occurs and remind the child that the behavior is disruptive and unacceptable.
  • If a child disrupts the class a second time, the teacher will notify the Christian Formation office. Boykin Bell will contact the child’s parents.
  • If a child disrupts the class a third time, the teacher will again notify the Christian Formation office. Boykin Bell will contact the child’s parents. The child will be asked to “sit out” of class the following Sunday. If appropriate, clergy and/or other staff will be involved with follow-up to ensure that the child and his/her classmates can fully engage in and enjoy the church school year.
I (parent/guardian) have read and understand the principles of the Church School Discipline Policy. *