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Church School Information

We use a variety of curricula and resources to share the stories of the Christian Church and to encourage learners of all ages to grow in their faith journeys.

Church School classes resumed in the fall of 2022. Children are welcome to join a class any time during the year.

Can’t attend church school in person? Virtual Children’s Chapel videos and reflections to encourage faith at home are posted (and archived) at www.cotcchildandfam.org.

  • Our Preschool classes learn with an Episcopal curriculum called Weaving God’s Promises. Each class includes a story, a hands-on craft or activity and an allergen-free snack. You can learn more at www.weavinggodspromises.org
  • Our Younger Elementary children learn with Godly Play. Godly Play is a Montessori-based curriculum that invites children into the stories of our faith with special but simple materials.  Children are encouraged to wonder and reflect on both Old Testament and New Testament stories during the year. Each class ends in a “feast.”  You can learn more about Godly Play on the Godly Play YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/GodlyPlayFndn 
  • Older Elementary students learn with Weaving God’s Promises supplemented with Godly Play stories, Holy Moly videos and Legos®.  This “hybrid” approach engages many different learning styles.
  • Middle School students engage with the Weaving God’s Promises for Youth curriculum and periodic creative and fun activities along with topical discussions about issues relevant to their lives. This hybrid approach seeks to meet them where they are and to engage them in meaningful, authentic community.
  • Senior High youth are offered three options during Sunday morning Formation. They are invited to assist with leading children’s Formation classes, can attend Adult Formation, or are welcome to the Youth Room for hang-out time, informal chats, and games (air hockey, table tennis, etc.). Youth are encouraged to return for EYC in the evenings for an extra serving of fun, formation, and fellowship.

To join the Children (Preschool and Elementary) & Families email list and to register children for church school (when it returns), please complete the form below. To join the Youth (Middle and High School) & Families email list, visit the Youth Formation page.

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Parent / Guardian Information

Parents’ skills are needed to make the program work. Please check at least one of the following ways in which you will help. *

Church School Discipline Policy

All children should feel welcomed and safe in our church school classrooms. The members of each class will together write a behavior policy which will be signed by the children and teachers. The policies will include these basic principles:

  • All children and teachers will be respected. There will be no bullying.
  • The church buildings, classrooms and supplies will be treated with care.
  • If a child disrupts his or her class, the teacher will speak to the child on the day the disruption occurs and remind the child that the behavior is disruptive and unacceptable.
  • If a child disrupts the class a second time, the teacher will notify the Christian Formation office. Boykin Bell will contact the child’s parents.
  • If a child disrupts the class a third time, the teacher will again notify the Christian Formation office. Boykin Bell will contact the child’s parents. The child will be asked to “sit out” of class the following Sunday. If appropriate, clergy and/or other staff will be involved with follow-up to ensure that the child and his/her classmates can fully engage in and enjoy the church school year.
I (parent/guardian) have read and understand the principles of the Church School Discipline Policy. *