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2022 Finding Your Purpose Forum

Musicians, actors, dancers, artists of a variety of types are invited to connect for practical and spiritual conversation around the vocational calling and passion for performance. The Finding Your Purpose Forum format provides opportunities to Learn, Grow and Lead. This Lilly Endowment, Inc. funded conference to assist undergraduate students in reflecting on their call to vocation and the intersection of spiritual life and faith in that calling.


Friday, February 25, 7 PM – Keynote Speaker Dr. Brandon A. Boyd, University of Missouri Professor of Choral Conducting and Choral Music Education

Dr. Brandon A. Boyd enjoys a versatile career as a conductor, composer, and collaborative pianist. He is the Assistant Director of Choral Activities and Assistant Professor of Choral Music Education at the University of Missouri, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in choral conducting and choral music education. 

A proponent of choral singing to build community, his work includes organizing choirs for the homeless, identifying the social and physical effects of choral singing on senior citizens, creating authentic field experiences for music therapy and choral music education students. Dr. Boyd co-directed three choral community partnerships in Florida: The Tallahassee Senior Choir, RAA Middle School Partnership Choir (university students and middle school singers), and the MTC Women’s Prison Glee Club (university students singing with women housed in a correctional facility).

Saturday, February 26, 10 AM – 3 PM – workshops, performances, free lunch, panel and discussion partners.