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My Spiritual Awakening: Programs for Undergraduates

My Spiritual Awakening is a Lilly Endowment, Inc. funded set of programs that provides opportunities for reflection, resources and vocational discernment for undergraduate students.

Projects are planned and implemented by our Lilly Leaders group of parishioners and students, co-chaired by The Rev. Mary Cat Young and Simon Palmore, UNC ’23. To learn more about engaging with the My Spiritual Awakening projects and leadership opportunities, contact: The Rev. Mary Cat Young

My Spiritual Awakening Speaker Series

Accomplished leaders across a variety of professional areas discuss their journey to the profession they hold and their spiritual journey along the way.

See our recent speaker Bishop Victor Glover who shared his vocational story and engaged with us in conversation November 1, 2022.

Bishop Glover has been in ministry for 25 years, pastoring 18 of those years. He attained his BS in Religion in Biblical and Theological Studies from Liberty University.
Bishop Glover is a Church Planting Specialist, Member of the National Mobilization Disciple Commission of Churches Of God General Conference.
He serves on the Local Re-entry Counsel of Orange County, Justice Advisory Council of Orange County, Project Safe Orange County Coordinator, and is the CEO/Executive Director Father’s On The Move.
He his married and is a father of three.
The My Spiritual Awakening Speaker Series is a Lilly Endowment, Inc. sponsored event that invites community members to share their vocational calling stories with students. Parishioners are invited to attend the speaker event from 5:30-6:15 pm and join students for dinner and conversation in the parish hall.

Walk in Love Mentors

The Chapel of the Cross parishioners are paired with students who are glad to have an adult in their life to walk with them through a season of learning, exploration and vocational discernment throughout the academic year.

Transformative Travel

2021: In March of 2021 two students participated in a Virtual Short-term Mission Experience in conjunction with Education Equals Hope with COTC ministry partners at Cristo Liberador Episcopal Church in Quito, Ecuador.

In March of 2022 a team of students traveled to Quito, Ecuador for a week of in-person mission and ministry with our partners at E=Hope. Read more here about the experiences of our team.

Retreats and Service-learning oriented travel opportunities will provide students with opportunities to experience hands-on, real-world experience with non-profit, direct service and ministry work, while also learning practices for self-reflection and vocational discovery. Students have traveled to England and Tennessee. In March 2020 students were scheduled to travel to New York City.

Finding Your Purpose Forum

We held our first Finding Your Purpose Forum in 2019. This daylong event consisted of speakers, workshops and small groups enabled students to try on a variety of spiritual practices to use in support of their vocational reflection.

Our next forum is scheduled for February 25-26, 2022.

Musicians, actors, dancers, artists of a variety of types are invited to connect for practical and spiritual conversation around the vocational calling and passion for performance. The Finding Your Purpose Forum format provides opportunities to Learn, Grow and Lead. This Lilly Endowment, Inc. funded conference to assist undergraduate students in reflecting on their call to vocation and the intersection of spiritual life and faith in that calling.

View our recent speaker: Joseph Knight, Adjunct Professor at Duke Pratt School of Engineering and Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative, recorded February 1, 2022

View past speaker Kelsey Davis, Program Director for Blue Ridge Episcopal Service Corps and founder of Christian Athlete Circles

View past speaker: Kaze Thomas, Arts and Culture Director, Downtown Chapel Hill Partnership, livestreamed Tuesday, October 5, 2021

View past speaker: Sarah Ogletree, Program Coordinator, North Carolina Interfaith Power and Light, livestreamed Tuesday, April 13, 2021

View past speaker: Allen Buansi, Civil Rights Attorney and Chapel Hill City Council, livestreamed Tuesday, March 2, 2021

View past speaker: Jennifer Player, CEO of Orange County Habitat for Humanity, livestreamed Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Students looking to connect with a mentor for 2020-2021: Please email ecm@unc.edu to learn more.

Namaste: Mind + Body + Spirit integration

Offerings such as Yoga for Wholeness and Healthy Eating sessions will give students practical experience in self-care and reflection on integration of the whole self while currently students and preparing to transition to post-college/professional life.

In February 2021, an online Painting and Prayer event was created to give students the invitation and permission to be creative in their prayer practices while allowing that experience to inform their discernment and vocational reflection work. See glimpses of the virtual event for below.

Vocational Internships

Students are given an opportunity to delve deeply into an internship in a vocational field they are discerning about with the companionship of spiritual reflection, mentors and, leadership and study opportunities. In 2019-2020 this project provides funding for a Choral Scholar who participates in the full musical life of the parish of The Chapel of the Cross. This choral scholar has opportunities to learn, lead and reflect on the calling of Church music as a profession.

2020/2021 Internships Include:

  • Choral Scholar (August 2019 – May 2022)
  • Student Athlete Outreach Chaplain (January – June, 2020)
  • Digital Ministry Internship (October 2020 – December 2021)
  • Lilly Administrative Assistant (June 2021-December 2021)

Veteran Outreach

Working in companionship with the Carolina Veterans Resource Center, connect with our volunteer corps in outreach, snack brigade, mentoring and other ways of showing our care and supporting our veterans who are students at UNC.

Due to the current health crisis, this project is on hold since the spring of 2020. We hope to revive this project in the coming academic year of 2022-2023.

Interested in learning more or volunteering? Contact The Rev. Mary Cat Young.