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IFC Cook Teams

These teams prepare hot meals every day of the year for anyone who is hungry. After scaling back during the pandemic, COTC cook teams have returned, along with other cook teams and independents at IFC. Not only do we have a COTC lunch team for the first Tuesday of each month but we now have COTC dinner teams, one for the second Thursday of each month and another for the third Wednesday of each month.  If you’re looking for a way to volunteer in the community, this is a wonderful opportunity. You not only get to work with other members of COTC but with IFC’s gifted cook, Joseph.  Joseph is a former chef from Vin Rouge, a French Bistro Restaurant in Durham, who is known for his delicious meals he put together. The demand continually grows for IFC’s services, so more help is always needed.   If you are interested in joining a cook team (lunch or dinner) or learning more, please contact Cecilia Mackey at cecemackey@gmail.com.