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Johnson Service Corps

Spirituality and Justice-Centered Opportunity for Young Adults 

Johnson Service Corps is a year-long program for young adults (ages 21-28) interested in spirituality and justice work. Participants live in community and work at a local nonprofit 32 hours a week, such as The Pauli Murray Center, Center for Responsible Lending, SECU Family House, or Compass Center, to name a few. Participants experience healthy community living, mentorship, supported spiritual formation, professional development, and meaningful justice work. Johnson Service Corps (JSC) was originally started by Chapel of the Cross, and has been a beloved program for 22 years now. We want this program to carry on, and to do so, we need young adult applicants who are interested in spiritual practice, justice work, and who are curious to explore the road less traveled. 

This winter, please think of one or two young adults in your life who might be interested in this opportunity, and have interested parties contact interim executive director Julia Tyler for more information at: julia@johnsonservicecorps.org