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Annual Campaign

Our parish theme for 2023 is Thanks be to God from the hymn, For the Fruit of all Creation.

The Annual Campaign sustains our parish and helps us change and grow as God calls us to serve. Some of our 2023 parish priorities include reopening our nursery and childcare programs and strengthening Sunday School opportunities; revitalizing small group and parish-wide gatherings; offering robust live stream worship and programs; strengthening our lay pastoral care ministry; and revisioning the use of our spaces for mutually rewarding partnerships with local nonprofits and public service organizations.

In the upcoming programmatic year, we will explore many facets of this concept and illustrate the importance of continued support to sustain the vital mission and ministry efforts of the parish.

We hope you will consider your pledge for 2023. Please email administrator@thechapelofthecross.org with any questions or call 919-442-2566.  Thank you!

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