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What’s the Difference Between Annual, Capital, and Planned Giving?

Annual Campaign

Our annual campaigns occur over 8-10 weeks beginning each September. The church’s leadership invites each and every member to support the mission of the church with a financial gift. Annual fund pledges are the primary vehicle for funding the church’s operating needs. Note: Because an annual pledge relates to the church’s operating expenses donors often pay for it with their annual income.

The annual campaign:

  • Is a pledge made on an annual basis
  • Funds the daily operation and missional initiatives of the church
  • Is a request for a sustaining amount

Capital Campaign

Capital Campaigns support larger needs and objectives beyond the scope of the operating budget. With the proceeds from these initiatives, The Chapel of the Cross has retired the debt we incurred in the 2014 expansion of our facility and construction of the Parish Hall; and aims to secure the resources necessary to purchase an organ that will meet—and hopefully surpass—our musical needs for generations to come; continue to care for our facility, and have positive social impact in our the community. Pledges to a capital campaign are generally paid over a three-to-four-year period and are funded through one’s investments or other assets, rather than out of one’s income.

Gifts to the Capital Campaign:

  • Often involve a multi-year payment period (typically 3-4years)
  • Are directed to a specific and predetermined area or areas of focus for the long-term benefit of the institution
  • Are usually invited to be greater than (and over and above) an individual or family’s annual contribution
  • Are a commitment that is often paid out of one’s investments or other assets

Planned Giving – Bequests and Deferred Gifts

Since its inception, The Chapel of the Cross has been buoyed by visionary leadership, growing our mission well beyond that of our original, small chapel. To honor this vision, The Chapel of the Cross established the 1842 Legacy Circle to recognize those who have made planned gifts to the church, as well as to educate those who are interested in supporting the parish’s ministries in perpetuity.

For more information on any of these ways to give, email Diane McOmie, Parish Administrator and Stewardship Manager or call her at 919-442-2566.