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Church Construction Update February 26, 2024

Work continues in our Church to make way for the new organ and maintain our bell tower. Our contractor has transitioned from a demolition project to a building project. The bell tower has had wood floors removed all the way to the top as they work with the roof and inspect and repair the elements of the tower. In and below the Chancel, structural steel has moved in to support the new organ chamber and the existing one. Footers have been placed in the basement and steel is rising. You can see the progress in the following images. We will continue to keep you informed as we progress through the project.

A look to where the stairs outside the Nave used to stand. Workers are preparing to construct an organ chamber on the second floor.

Demolition is now complete where the stairs used to be as well as the Acolyte Vesting Room.

A wall has been constructed between the Chancel and what will be an AV closet underneath the organ chamber.

Structural steel to support the organ chamber.