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Organ Project Updates

Latest News on the Organ

  • A group from The Chapel of the Cross visited our organ under construction at the Casavant factory in April of 2024. Click here to read more about their visit.
  • Click here to read a Church construction update from February 2024.
  • Organ Committee Chair Brian Coggins visited the Casavant factory in October 2023. You can see his update below.

  • Parishioners Terry Eason and Jon Whitney visited Casavant in Summer 2023, and reported what they saw in this email.

A Timeline of the Casavant Organ Project

2018 – Evaluations from three internationally-renowned experts on organ rehabilitation report they would not attempt a rehabilitation of the Kleuker. Though some parts could be salvaged, they are not the right ones to make a useful organ for our space.

2019-2020 – Organ Advisory Committee appointed to study options, and recommends buying a different instrument. After evaluating used organs and a number of proposals for new organs, and visiting recently installed instruments from builders, the committee recommends Casavant Frères to build a new organ.

2021 – Donors from the congregation approach the parish leadership with contributions, and initial fundraising begins.

March 2022 – With enough contributions pledged to cover the cost of the instrument itself (not including work in the building or other project expenses) and in the face of significant inflation risk, the Vestry approves signing a contract with Casavant that locks in a price and begins the two-year process of construction.

Winter 2022/23 – Work begins on construction of the organ at Casavant. Engineers and architects in Chapel Hill make plans for the construction required in the Nave, and arrangements are made for the removal of the Kleuker and donation of salvageable parts.

January 2023 – Parish-wide kickoff to the Chapel of the Cross Casavant Organ Campaign.

May 2023 – Kleuker organ removed from the Nave.

Winter 2023/24 Construction occurs in the Nave to prepare the chambers for the new organ; worship to move to The Chapel and the Parish Hall.

Winter 2023/24 – The new organ is completed and tested at the factory at Casavant.

Summer 2024 – The new organ arrives on site, and installation begins.

Summer 2024 – The organ is carefully voiced, pipe-by-pipe, by a Casavant team working on-site, and is tested thoroughly.

Fall 2024 – The first program year with the new organ begins!