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Foyer Dinner Groups

Since 1997, parishioners have been gathering as Foyer Dinner Groups to get acquainted, share meals, and form friendships.

Most groups meet monthly for dinner at a member’s home; formats range from Sunday brunch to hot dog cookouts.

Responsibility for providing the food is shared, with the host family or individual preparing the main dish and the others bringing everything from appetizers to dessert. Groups of 8-10 are organized in the fall and every effort is made to mix up registrants who participated the previous year, since the goal of foyer groups is to introduce people who might not otherwise meet. There is a second opportunity to join in January.

Can’t commit to a monthly gathering? Consider joining our non-traditional foyer group. This group provides a variety of opportunities for fellowship and fun and is for those who cannot commit to every month, don’t have space or time to host, or travel a lot. This group includes singles, folks still working, retirees, folks who travel a lot, or those who live here part time.