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Pilgrimage to Stagville Plantation

Saturday, December 3, 2:00 – 4:00 PM Pilgrimage to Historic Stagville –

The Diocese of North Carolina is offering a one-day pilgrimage to Historic Stagville. The pilgrimage will include material to watch read and reflect on before the Pilgrimage, Prayer, and Reflections during the Pilgrimage and activities for children.

The Chartered Committee for Lifelong Christian Formation (CCLCF) and its subcommittee on Race and social Justice, has a smaller group working on pilgrimages. The pilgrimage to Alabama is still being planned; however, it will likely not happen until 2024. In addition to that opportunity, we have been working on shorter, driving pilgrimages that will allow us to experience historical sites that played important roles in our racial history.

Stagville is a state historic site that includes the remnants of one of the largest plantations in North Carolina. From 1771 to 1865, the Bennehan and Cameron families profited from the forced labor of some 1000 people on 30,000 acres of land. This plantation was one of the largest sites of mass slavery in North Carolina. Here, enslaved people built a sprawling plantation complex of farms, workshops, mansions, and mills. Year after year, enslaved families suffered separation, violence, hard labor, and disease. 

Today, Stagville is a 165-acre State Historic Site, entirely dedicated to teaching about the lives, culture, and labors of enslaved African Americans. Through careful research, Stagville documents the history of  enslaved people, and their descendants, across the Bennehan and Cameron plantations. 

During our visit, we wil tour original slave dwellings (1850s), a massive barn (1860), a Bennehan family house (1799), and outdoor archeological sites. Stagville’s land and buildings reveal powerful stories of slavery and freedom. As we visit the site, we are invited to remember the enslaved and emancipated people who shaped Stagville, and North Carolina.

Pilgrimage Schedule: 2:00 – 4:00
Meet at Stagville – at the main building.

Contact Jenny Beaumont, Missioner for Adult and Life-long Formation, with questions jenny;beaumont@episdionc.org or The Reverend Kathy Walker, Missioner for Black Ministries  kathy.walker@episdionc.org.