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The vestry is the parish’s lay governing body that consists of 12 people elected by the parish for rotating three-year terms.

The vestry’s public meeting occurs regularly on the third Thursday of each month. The senior and junior wardens act as executive officers and spokespersons for the vestry and should be contacted in case of emergency if the rector cannot be reached.

  Name & Email Class Committee Assignments & Responsibilities
Ann Craver 2023 Finance, Stewardship (Planned Giving)
Amy Daubert 2023 Stewardship (Chair), Preschool
Terry Eason 2023 Buildings and Grounds
Meg Flournoy 2023 Faith in Action
Jessica Aylor 2024 Finance (Chair), Stewardship
Brian Coggins 2024 Personnel, Organ Campaign (lead)
Harriet Pegram 2024 Buildings and Grounds (Chair), Jr. Warden
Roman Perun 2024 Sr. Warden, Lilly Endowment Liaison
Woody Coley 2025 Finance
Caren Parker 2025 Buildings and Grounds
Gail Perry 2025 Stewardship
Bennet Waters 2025 Personnel, Capital Campaign
Non-Vestry Members
Sabrina Olsen   Treasurer
Nancy Kelly   Clerk

Committees of the Vestry:

  • Buildings and Grounds: Alan Rimer, David Dill, Terry Eason, Andy Cable, Alex Everett, Harriet Pegram, Michael Hickman, Caren Parker and Anna Lorenz.
  • Finance: Carrie Fraipont, Sabrina Olsen, Barney Varner, John Pegram, Annie Craver, Joan Phar, Michael Hardy, Jess Aylor, Roman Perun, Woody Coley and Brad Ross.
  • Personnel: Brian Coggins, M.C. Ragsdale, David Greer, Patrick Long and Bennet Waters.
  • Stewardship: Amy Daubert, Lee Wollman, Gail Perry, Lila Wolf, Jay Moseley, Lindsay Porter, Jess Aylor, Lee Harris, Stephanie Perun, Harriet Pegram, Ann Craver and Mark Pandick.