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Worship & Music

Sunday Service Schedule

  • 8:00 AM | Chapel

    Holy Eucharist, Rite I, spoken

  • 10:00 AM | Church

    Holy Eucharist with music

  • 10:00 AM | Livestream

    Holy Eucharist - Livestream

  • 10:00 AM | Chapel

    Children's Chapel

  • 4:00 PM | Chapel

    Holy Eucharist with music


With traditional Anglican liturgy, an outstanding music program, and historic worship spaces, the Chapel of the Cross offers many opportunities for holy Eucharist, evening prayer, children’s chapel, healing, and other special services.


Through the language of music, The Chapel of the Cross is a bridge between the secular and the sacred that creates community, connects people with the divine, and develops young musicians.


If you want to listen to a sermon you missed, revisit one you’ve heard, or share a particularly moving message with a loved one or friend, our online archive of sermons is an excellent resource. Shine a light on your path—whether that path is in traffic on your daily commute, walking a greenway trail, or tracing around your kitchen as you prepare dinner—and let the Word illuminate your way.

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