Logo for: The Chapel of the Cross


Through the language of music, The Chapel of the Cross is a bridge between the secular and the sacred that creates community, connects people with the divine, and develops young musicians.

Our choirs lead worship through the singing of service music, canticles, hymns, psalms and anthems. As such, the choir performs a sacramental role in worship, offering their gifts from God to the people of God through sung prayer.  It is an honor and a privilege for us to participate in this vibrant music ministry.

Our parish supports excellent music and liturgy that is meant to uplift those who worship. Music has a significant role to play in the spiritual life of our community. It has the power to teach and to unite, and is an integral part of inspiring worship.

Each week during the school year approximately one hundred singers of all ages and levels of ability and experience come together for the express purpose of creating something beautiful for God.

  • Association with a small community within a larger parish
  • Fun and fellowship on a regular basis
  • Learning great music and being deepened as a person
  • Developing an “ear” for music
  • Learning musical skills and cultivating the voice through the Royal School of Church Music curriculum
  • Giving back to others something uniquely beautiful and beneficial to their souls

New singers are always welcome. Contact Joseph Causby for more information.