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Marriage at the Chapel of the Cross can be considered if:

  • Either the Bride or the Groom are active, baptized members of the Parish, or the son or daughter of an active member of the Parish. “Active” means a person or persons who, for a period of at least one year, contribute(s) to the yearly Annual Fund of the Parish, attends Sunday services with regularity, and is recognized as being on the rolls of the Parish Register.

These conditions do not automatically ensure a wedding at the Chapel of the Cross. No presumption should be made until after a meeting with one of the clergy. The Book of Common Prayer requires that at least one of the parties be a baptized Christian.

For those previously married and divorced, the permission of the diocesan bishop must be obtained by the priest who will officiate at this wedding. If one of the parties has been divorced more than once, the bishop requires professional counseling for the couple and that at least a year has passed since the final divorce decree was granted.

Details about weddings at the Chapel of the Cross can be found in the parish wedding planning guide below. For more information, contact Ellen Cole.