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Worship Volunteer Opportunities

Worship volunteer opportunities include acolytes, the altar guild, greeters, lay eucharistic ministers, lay readers, and ushers.


The acolyte team refers collectively to acolytes, crucifers, thurifers, and servers. These roles all have special significance and importance in the liturgical life of the church. The thurifer, crucifer and acolytes lead the procession into and out of the church bearing the thurible, cross, and torches respectively.

The thurible, which we only use during “solemn” services at Chapel of the Cross, is a device in which incense is burned to produce smoke. The smoke symbolizes the sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit and the prayers of the Saints rising to heaven. The cross represents Christ, his death, and our redemption. The torches bring the light of Christ, which illuminates the world and scatters darkness. Following the choir but before the clergy, the server processes with the Gospel book.

Our acolyte team is composed of both males and females, and includes ages ranging from 12 to 24.

Contacts: Middle school, high school, and college students are encouraged to contact Mike Peterson if they are interested in serving God and the Church in this crucial role.

Altar Guild

The women and men of St. Hilda’s Altar Guild membership support the parish worship services. Three teams serve two-week rotations during which they share responsibility for scheduled services, including Eucharists, weddings, funerals, and other special times in the life of the parish.

Each team gathers to clean the altar area and arrange flowers prior to Sunday services. Before each individual service, they lay the table and prepare for the celebration of the Eucharist. In addition to the teams, other guild members polish brass, wash and iron the linens, and polish the silver. On Monday mornings, volunteers gather to make small arrangements of the altar flowers from the Sunday services; these arrangements are then delivered to members of the parish as requested by the clergy.

Contacts: Melody Savage and Melanie Coley.


Greeters serve at Sunday liturgical services at 9:00 am, 11:15 am, and 4:00 pm. They welcome all parishioners and newcomers and assist newcomers following the service. Greeters are posted at the tower entrance to the church 15 minutes before the service, and following the service, at the newcomers’ table in the dining room. Each location has a different set of one or two greeters. Any parishioner is welcome to serve as a greeter and can specify at which service(s) he or she desires to serve.

Contact: Ellen Cole

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

Lay Eucharistic Ministers are parishioners invited by the rector to serve and are trained to assist in administering Holy Communion on Sundays, at special services, and at Carol Woods and Carolina Meadows retirement communities. They also take the sacrament to homebound parishioners. Most serve for a three-year period.

Contact: Ellen Cole or, if interested in serving as a chalice bearer in one of our Eucharist services, complete the form here.

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Lay Readers

Lay readers are an integral part of our Sunday and weekday evening worship services. They read the Old and New Testament readings and lead us in intercessory and evening prayers. Young people, university students, and adult parishioners serve as lay readers.

Contact: Ellen Cole


Ushers volunteer at services to welcome worshipers and help smooth the flow of events:

  • Welcoming people as they enter the church, answering questions, and directing people to church facilities
  • Assisting people in finding seats, working to fill the front of the church before services begin, and helping to seat late-comers quietly
  • Distributing service bulletins and headsets for hearing-impaired worshipers
  • Recording the number of people at the service, collecting the offering, and presenting the gifts of bread and wine
  • Directing people to the altar and standing station for communion
  • Observing the congregation for problems that may arise and assisting as necessary
  • Collecting used bulletins, replacing books, and straightening up after the service.

In addition the ushers serve at special services that occur during the year, including Christmas, Holy Week, Evensong, and funerals.

We are always seeking volunteers to help with the ushering duties. Individuals, couples, and families will all be welcomed!

Contacts: Ellen Cole.