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In the Episcopal tradition we believe that Holy Baptism is full initiation into Christ’s Body, the Church, by water and the Holy Spirit. The bond which God establishes in Baptism is indissoluble.

At the Chapel of the Cross, the sacrament of Holy Baptism is offered to all—infants and adults—who have not yet been baptized and who wish to follow the way of Jesus through participation in the life of this parish.

Upcoming Baptisms are scheduled at regular Eucharistic services on:

Easter Vigil (4/8/23)

Sunday after Easter (4/16/23)

The Day of Pentecost (5/28/23)

All Saints Day (11/5/23)

Thanksgiving Day (11/23/23)

First Sunday after the Epiphany (1//24)

And, other dates designated by the Rector.

Baptismal instruction, including a rehearsal of the service, is required for all candidates who can speak for themselves and for parents of those who cannot. Sponsors (godparents) are also invited. Baptismal rehearsals are held the day of the service and will be scheduled with the participants closer to the baptismal date. If you are interested in scheduling a baptism, please be in touch with Ellen Cole for a list of open dates.

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